Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter's Lovely Side

It has been a brutal last few days in upstate New York - temperatures below freezing, power outages, schools closing, pipes freezing.  But this Wednesday morning, the morning after 12 inches of fluffy snow fell, I came downstairs to discover a winter wonderland.  I couldn't stop taking photos with my iphone and thought I'd post a few of them.

This shot faces north into our woods with sun coming from the east.  A dogwood stands in foreground.

Easterly view toward the sun and winter's redbud tree.

More southeast toward our potting shed and still the rising sun.

Southerly view toward birdhouse.

Southern shot from our kitchen window overlooking the white lilac.

Back porch's view south.  I actually stepped outside for a moment to take this and almost gasped with the cold.

Quickly stepped back into the mudroom to take this shot of the porch,

and gladly remained inside to take images of the sun slanting into the living room - on the mantle...

on the coffee table...

on the highboy.

And in the dining room which also faces east, I loved the bright sunlight cast on the wall.

I'm really proud of my paperwhites.  Every year I order about twenty-five bulbs; the first group bloomed right on schedule for Christmas, and the second group bravely blooms right now.

Very proud.

Lastly, this glimpse into our kitchen with sun shining on my copper jam pot.

That's enough of that - was just such a beautiful morning I couldn't resist saving it and sharing it.

Next time, I am back on schedule with my first post on Belgian style, a style I have come to love.  I  promise... unless of course another snow storm comes our way.

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  1. Beautiful photos of your property, Billie! And of your home!! What a handsome highboy. I love the collection of Nantucket baskets. Please share more, okay?
    Stay warm,