Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Last post, I promised to continue with more on my favorite southern designers, but have decided to wait till spring to continue.  I most likely will travel south this spring which always inspires my southern design love.  But most importantly, my path has strayed from the chronological journey of my design aesthetic.
Somewhere chronology got lost in the shuffle. Next post and for many more that path will continue, but today I need your opinion on a very tiny decision but one that is important to me.  It's time to change my pinterest image for the winter season.  This same image will also be the desktop for my imac, iphone and ipad for several months - kind of makes me feel all connected and organized.  What follows are images I saved in a "desktop" folder long before I ever heard of pinterest.  (If I miss crediting original owners, my apologies.)  See which you like best.

Last year's which I really like.  Not too Christmas-y and sort of Zen-esque.

Along the same idea, but maybe too busy.

Speaks to where I live and how beautiful winter can be.

Not forgetting the fauna in all this winter flora.

Too Christmas-y maybe?  Remember this image will appear for several months.

Some lingering apples in my upstate New York.

A more zen feeling again.

Still love an antique feel, but would it work till March?

Warm and cozy, but too Christmas-y for January and February?

Really Christmas-y, but I love the toile garland.

A much more quiet and neutral Christmas feel.

Love the vessel here, but too Christmas-y.  Right?

Since my blog focuses a lot on kitchens and food, thought the following might work for my pinterest winter image.

Love pomegranates and this one is beautiful.

The following images are places I love even in the winter.

The last group are more unniversal winter images, but all remind me of winter at home.

A kind of quiet, Wyeth feel.

Could be the barn just down the road.

Beautiful winter, anywhere.

And last.

So what do you think?  The images really do reflect a journey through antiques to warm and cozy to neutrals to spare to food-iness to New England - a journey I seem to be following if somewhat haphazardly.  I would love to know your favorite image.  Sometimes it's just fun to make a small decision.  Such is this one. 

Next time a designer that changed my aesthetic as much as Hugh Newell Jacobsen did and my image decision-