Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Industrial Style - Cool and Funky

If you have followed my posts for any length of time, you know different styles appeal to me - American colonial-ness, British coziness, Pennsylvania's antique-ness, New England's pure-ness, Belgium's spare-ness.  My pinterest boards reflect this variety.  But there is another pinterest board I've entitled "Cool and Funky"and everyone else calls the industrial look.  It doesn't work in the home I now have, but, if ever I had a vacation apartment, a southern loft, a pied a terre in Europe, industrial would be its style.  (I want to thank all the pinners and tumblrs who have unknowingly contributed to today's post.)

I'm starting with kitchen ideas because...you know why.  This room has several features I love but could never incorporate into my own home - brick and concrete walls, steel windows, industrial lighting - perfect for my loft.

Less spare than the one above, this room has great windows, brick and size.  Maybe a bit too large for my loft.

The chain and hook to the left would never work in my own home, but love it here.

The brick, the chairs, the concrete and metal table, the lighting - all great.

Not too crazy about the chairs below, but am about everything else.

For the same reasons already mentioned.

The room below may be part of a restaurant and a bit too large for my loft, but has a great look.

Much homier size-wise.

Such a great room.

To my loft's living room - the one below may be one of Restoration Hardware's and would fit perfectly in my cool and funky loft.

A possible corner for my fantasy living room.

Love the colors here and the sofa would offer the requisite comfort.

Or this one.

An old abacus perfect for one of my loft's walls, maybe in its living room.

The perfect staircase for my loft.

And from the staircase, my possible office.

Or this office - maybe a bit too large.


Also perfect.

A great detail for my office/studio.

And to the bedroom - perfect size, perfect windows.

Love this bed frame and lamp.

Love this platform bed.  Sleeping here might be best for short periods, but that would be fine and would leave time for my other five abodes.

Guest room for grandchildren, but artwork would need a change - perhaps to a pair of skis.

Another guest room for adults.

That's it - my future cool and funky loft, maybe in Charleston, maybe in Savannah.  Couldn't live with this style forever, but wouldn't a month or three be fun!  It was fun writing about it.  Do you love concrete, metal, and steel?  What would one of your five fantasy homes be?

Weather people are predicting a very cold next few days - highs of 5.  Stay warm and dream of warm southern lofts.