Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Belgian Love Affair

Almost sounds like a movie, but, no, it's a style and design that began to pique my interest about 18 years ago.  While my interest in early American and English styles waned (but was never completely abandoned), I began to study a new look.  Gerry Nelissen's home was love at first sight.

The January-February 2001 issue of Veranda ignited my new interest with the following article.

Nelissen built a house in Winssen, a village southeast of Amsterdam, and she built it atop the foundation of an abandoned farmstead.  This melding of the new with the old really appealed to me.

As did her neutral colors...

her collections...

and her simplicity.

Always loving kitchens, Gerry's spoke to me.  So many treasured items arranged so well could always be sold to a client.  Note the tile on the kitchen floor - from the floor of an old church.

Her kitchen looks so fresh with her collections so neatly arranged.

Never a fan of primary colors, these neutrals really appealed to me.

If not neutrals, then whites.

Nelissen collaborated with Marcel Wolterinck (the very subject of my next post) on the garden.

The next group of images is of the same house and designer but was one of my tear-outs so I cannot give credit to the publication.  See if you can see the changes which occur.  (Note the article reads that "you can visit".  I wish I knew how.)

View of the library with dining room to the rear.

First glimpse of her patio/terrace.

OK, did you notice the dining room chairs are all black in the second article, the black cupboards in the dining room are now stained, and the kitchen shelves are no longer white?  Perhaps the designer sold the earlier pieces.  While I know Amsterdam and Winssen are Dutch and not Belgian, Gerry's home here has what today we call the Belgian look.  Belgian or Dutch, it was the start of my love affair.

To end, I thought I'd add several images from one of my February Gourmets.  Not Dutch or Belgian but still a delight and sort of warm and cozy.

Simple table settings.

And warm candle light.

Next post and for several more after that, my topic will be a Belgian love affair.  Stay tuned and stay warm and cozy.


  1. Love this look! A nice combination of dark and light, not just everything white washed. I'm trying to do something like this in my bedroom and it has been very difficult since I like dark wood, shades of gold and lots of eye candy. This will serve as an inspiration. Thanks.

  2. So beautiful, well-designed yet totally livable. Her aesthetic looks effortless.