Friday, July 10, 2015

Barn Homes, Maine, and Brooke and Steve Giannetti

Have I not posted anything since March?!!  How bad am I - so bad that I give you no excuses but carry on as though I posted just yesterday.  Last posting was about a barn home in my locale. Today's is about a home and barn in Maine whose images I first saw on Brooke Giannetti's Velvet and Linen blog, one of my top favorites.  I have been saving them for years just waiting the right topic and today is it.  Brooke's husband, Steve, designed the waterfront home and barn for a favorite client, and Brooke posted great images of the project.  In case you never saw these images, you can probably still bring them up on her blog history, or, if you can stand my gushing, continue reading here.

First gush is about the beauty of Maine as seen in the new home's view.

Next gush is about Steve's design and the shaker shingles, both so typical of Maine.  Note the size of the rocks also typical of Maine but which must have been difficult during construction.  More about these later.


Jumping ahead to view the finished entryway.  (Which is how I like to build a house - jumping ahead to the completion.  I fear I may have driven my poor husband crazy when we built our home.)

First view of the living room from staircase.

Close-up of the safe/side table.

One end of living room.

Other end with the lovely view.

View of staircase from great room.

Sneak peek of eating area and kitchen.

View of kitchen from dining table (which I love).  Whale is great also.

Now we are heading up the stairs to first seating area.  Love all the "Maine-abilia" - boats, whales, half-hulls, maps, books on Maine.

And love that light fixture.

Then up to next landing and more beams...

more beautiful light fixtures, and that view - oh, the view.

View to a bedroom from storage area.

"A Room with a View"

How cute is the suitcase night stand!

Another bedroom.

"A Desk with a View"

Love the half hull over the bed.

Nautical map above desk below.

Bath with stone similar to that in kitchen - continuity.

Still more continuity here (and freshly washed beach towels).

Now to the part I really love - the building of the barn and the finished barn.  Again, note the size of Maine's stones.

Isn't this just great - the floors, the beams, the railing and rooms above.  I could live in it just as is.

Looking at the entrance from fireplace.

And now the furnishings - the icing on this wood and stone cake.

 Same room in the evening.

Dining area and balcony at night.

Another night time view.

And we all know how I feel about kitchens.

At night.  I love open shelving - it would help to keep things neat, but I would need more shelves to be so neat.

Second floor light is so cool.

Second floor seating area.

Upstairs in opposite direction.

And to the bedroom.

And bath.

And to the landscaping all done by Bruce Riddell.  I was once on a Maine garden tour and every garden Riddell did was knock-you-out beautiful.  Will definitely post about his work in the near

I want to give complete credit to Brooke Giannetti for images found on her blog (Velvet and Linen) and to her husband Steve for images found on his website (  I check in with both sites frequently because they are always an inspiration.  Brooke and Steve, Maine and barns inspired this post.  Thank you so much for being there.

Now, to you my patient, patient readers: you would be justified in believing I will not post again for months, but I really will.  Had lots of interference earlier such as ice damns on the roof, dinner and overnight guests, babysitting duties for grandsons, a garden to whip into shape after a very hard winter, a pool to clean up, the hosting of a good friend's retirement party (meant to be outside but it poured day of the party and the next day), and garden tours to enjoy.  Lots of areas to cover, but am not yet finished with barns or Maine so stay tuned.
Happy July week-end,