Monday, October 22, 2012

Year-round Living in the Hamptons - an Oxymoron?

I think so.  Typical Hampton homeowners appear to live there only for the briefest of times.  Are the Hamptons only a summer destination?  Let's investigate.  Let's look at homes by Foley and Cox Design and homes by James Huniford Design, and then decide.

From New York Home, we see partners, Micheal Cox and Mary Foley looking out their office window...

and below is an image of the building which houses their office.  They work in the office above the Fleur de Sel restaurant.

They had the difficult task of simultaneously designing a family's house in the Hamptons and this same family's apartment on Park Avenue.  First the Hampton house.

The soft colors seen here will be repeated in the Park Avenue apartment.

It's all so Something's Gotta Give style, isn't it?  Let's take a peek at the Park Avenue apartment below.

Not to belabor the point, but this apartment also reminds me of the film only this time it resembles Jack Nicholson's apartment.  The colors here remain similar to the Hampton house from above.

Sorry for the blurry crease.

Such beautiful rooms all having a similar neutral design.

Now onto one of my favorite Hampton homes, one designed by James Huniford in Bridgehampton.  The first group of images are taken from Elle Decor, the second group are from Cote Est or the James Huniford Design website.  There's an edginess to his rooms here.  You may be surprised, but I love this edge as much as I love traditional and cozy.  On my Pinterest boards, I label this particular style "Cool and Funky," and it leads me to believe I really do need not two houses, but five, maybe six.

Maybe it's the darker woodwork with the clean white walls and furnishings that I like so much.

Or the artwork and accessories.  It just all works.

Kitchen is very white also, but, again, with very cool accessories.  Love the metal and wood table.

Traditional chairs with very untraditional side board.

Again, very untraditional art and lamps with traditional chairs - great mix.

Ditto from above.

Nothing too funky here, except maybe the mirror and bath mat.

Now let's peruse the more detailed images from Cote Est starting with a close-up of the living room table and the very white walls and woodwork with the very dark floors.

Details from living room.

Very cool bedroom art.

Second floor details.

Another view of same bedroom.

The place to which the bedroom's French doors exit.

More living room.

Living room details.

Lamp detail - is it a vintage something?  Whatever it is, I love it.  In Maine, I had the opportunity to purchase lamps made from gears and lacked enough courage (and actually lacked enough space) to buy them.  Huniford never lacks the courage.

Clear image.  Note the antique hutch with those very cool lamps and wall art.

Interesting basket.  If I could read French, I'd know what kind of basket it is.

Do you think his countertops are concrete?  I love, love, love concrete counter tops, and they will be in my real kitchen someday soon.

Kitchen details.

Different view of dining room.

Another pair of cool, industrial-esque lamps.

Antique bed and chest/night stand in another bedroom.

Vintage and modern art in another

I never tire of Huniford's interesting details.  Hope you do not.

Guest rooms.

Did you love this house?  Could you tell I did?  Loved it as much as Meg Ryan's house on Martha's Vineyard or as much as Wyeth's house in the Brandywine.  All are very different but all are very good.  So, this has been Huniford's house in Bridgehampton.  

Now let's look at his city house in NYC as seen on Veranda's website and on the James Huniford Design website.  This particular room below reminds me a bit of a Darryl Carter room, but Carter uses less funk.  Love interior shutters like these.

His neutral colors appear in the city also, and his very white walls, but his floors are not quite as dark now.  Notice the neat ladder on the right bookcase.

Spare kitchen...

with interesting furnishings,

and an exit to the patio.

Adjoining the breakfast room.

Read the notation at the top of the master bedroom image.  It says it all.

Wisteria and cool accessories on tiny patio.

Whew!  This seemed a very long post, but you had to see it all.  What do you suppose?  Everyone on the Hamptons has a house in NYC?  I'm certain that everyone does not, but that lucky minority and their designers offer inspiration to those of us who only dream of another house to decorate (or another five to decorate).  Could you tell I really love James Huniford's Hamptons house, because I really, really do.

I'm off to Italy - land of warm breezes, red wine, fine leather, olives, and pasta - for a whole week.  Will check in when I return.