Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christian Liaigre

In my last post on the art of refining, Christian Liaigre chairs and daybeds were featured in a Connecticut home.  After discovering his furniture design there, I purchased his book, read it like a Bible and tried to ferret out any articles on his work.  What follows are some of my discoveries, discoveries about Liaigre's work, the very embodiment of refined taste.

This is the book I purchased and the one I still study today.  I'd love to scan images from it, but the copyright warning seemed serious and severe, so just know it's wonderful and if you do not own it, you should.

Now to images scanned from magazines which seem less seriously illegal but still beautiful.  Having said that, the first and second group of images fell victim to my tear-outs and because of my negligence in notating tear-outs I cannot give credit to the publication.  (Please come visit me, if I end up in prison.)  The following images are of his Paris house from an unknown magazine.

The article mentioned that Liaigre sometimes liked to paint color directly on the wall instead of framed art as he did below.

And here.

From his third floor bedroom, his skylit dressing room is seen.

Love the bath.

Guest bedroom follows.

Now to his home on the Ile de Re.

Over sized mirror resides on the floor of Liaigre's bedroom and a beautiful luggage rack with linen straps.

Liaigre drew inspiration from the Shakers for his bed.

Guest room.

The following images are from Elle Decor's December 2013 issue and are of his home now on St. Bart's island (finally I know a source).  Still with his touches of red.

As you know, I love shutters almost anywhere.  Love them here in Liaigre's St. Bart's bath.

Interesting fact about this home.  Though it is very hot in St. Bart's, Liaigre refused to air condition the house.  He prefers open shutters and island breezes which sound wonderful while posting from my northeast tundra.

And finally some images gleaned from Pinterest.  I'm not a fan of red so the lack of it in these rooms seems fine, but will bow always to Liaigre's expertise.

Again, great neutrals and not missing touches of red.

Neutrals and shutters!

The beams in this library remind me of a home he designed in Bavaria, one of my favorities from his book.  (Note to copyright authorities: this  image is not from the book.)

One of his sofas with a great mirror.

This Soho room found on Pinterest is from his book and was featured on Mark Sikes's blog.

And finally, his furniture arranged in a David Sutherland showroom.

So what do you think?  Do you like Liaigre's refinement?  Or do you adore it?

Next time off to Belgium and more of my Great Design Change.


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