Friday, February 10, 2012

The Wyeth Influence Continues

Because this blog is my chronological journey, I must spend more time here on this talented family.  After discovering Andrew Wyeth's home seen in my previous post, I was always on the outlook for more information on the family and their art.  I searched libraries, bookstores and magazine articles.  I traveled to Pennsylvania and Maine to see Wyeth paintings. You see, I so admired their love of fine antiques and their artistic talents that my taste became influenced by theirs.  So, bear with me while I revisit the information I found which affects my later design aesthetic.

The above image is Ann Wyeth McCoy's, Andrew's sister, dining room.  The old, beautiful paneling found by her husband and installed here, the oriental rugs, the antique table and chairs, even the forsythia on the bench speak volumes about what Ann McCoy loves.  The painting on the wall is one of her father's, N. C. Wyeth from Treasure Island.

The text on the page above describes what we are seeing in this article from 1998's The World of Interiors.

Here we see Ann McCoy, sadly now deceased, at the piano.  She composed her first symphony at sixteen - another Wyeth talent exemplified.

Again, a room filled with fine antiques.  Her camel back sofa and the one in Andrew Wyeth's home 
from the previous post inspired the one in my living room today.

Do all women love china??  I think so.  The corner cupboard in my dining room, not nearly as old and as beautiful as this cupboard (cleverly hidden in the dining rooms's paneling), also holds a collection of blue chalk ware. My china is not antique chalk ware but is dear to me as this was to Ann McCoy.  (Sorry about the black stripe at the bottom.  Still trying to figure out all the fine points of blogging.  Be patient please.)

If you enlarged the text about the cupboard photo, you read that this is a playhouse in Maine which holds Mrs. McCoy's collection of antique dolls.  I saw some of these dolls when they were on display at the Brandywine River Museum.  They, like this tiny house, were very sweet.  The little house speaks to me - it is in the woods, it is spring, and there are daffodils.

Here is one of N. C. Wyeth's paintings - this one of his wife in the kitchen.  See, I have not forgotten the title of my blog and its direction.  A picture of this painting and the recipe which follows are both
contained in For the Pot, Recipes from Brandywine River Museum.

Nathaniel Wyeth is one of Andrew Wyeth's brothers, so the above recipe is his wife's.  As I remain on task covering the Wyeth's in this chapter of my blog so the bigger task of "kitchens I have loved" as an entire blog is evolving.  Bear with me as I continue on my path.


  1. Oh my thank you so much for sharing this article! I had neve heard about Andrew Wyeth before!!
    Love the paneling in this kitchen a lot!!
    PS Billie, you should add the widget 'Subscribe by email' at your blog! So your readers wouldn't miss any of your posts!

  2. I, too love the Wyeth painters. When I taught I did a unit on them. I met Andrew at the museum when he was quite old, but still spry. And I collect old children's books, many of which are illustrated by his father. The Philadelphia Enquirer did an article on Ann's playhouse once,and my best friend sent it to me. I'll see if I can dig it out. I just love the painting of his wife in the kitchen! The cookies sound good, too!