Friday, February 3, 2012

Back to the Present    

The kitchen above is not from the past, but one found on the internet pretty recently.  (Unfortunately, I have saved photos but not the source of them.  I will rectify this in the future.  I apologize if I have failed to give credit where credit is due.)  Love this kitchen for the bread and onions and olive oil.

Again, not an old kitchen but one reminiscent of the past.  This is the Garnier kitchen in Belgium, and it is a beautiful addition to their home.  The floor, the rough edged counter tops with wine and cookbooks atop all give such a warm feeling to the kitchen.

The faucet here, the mantel over the stove, the countertop and the fresh vegetables make this perfection.

The stone sink and countertops, the brass faucet, stoneware casserole, basil, strawberries and flowers somehow speak to me.

I have a collection of copper pots and pans, but nothing like these molds.  They do not look used frequently but are certainly beautiful to look at.

Next blog will be back to the past to the next inspiring kitchen in my journey.  Check back please.

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