Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where, Oh Where Have I Been??

In case you've been wondering, I've been home, but home with many other people - family, friends, guests, even dogs have all visited this month.  When not entertaining these wonderful people, I've been getting the yard and garden beds more shipshape, and doing that in between raindrops.  Am leaving Monday for a few days in Virginia, but when I return will try to be a more diligent about posting.  Enough of my excuses and today onto more Walda.

For quite awhile, I've been saving Walda images from other blogs, from pinterest and from Walda's own website.  Greet Lefevre and her Belgian Pearls blog have long been an inspiration to me.  Because she frequently attends Walda Pairon's home during spring open-days and Christmas open-days (lucky woman!), and because she has been gracious enough to permit me, I'm including some of Greet's photos here.

So here are today's images starting with Walda's garden designed by Jacques Wirtz.

Love how the boxwood and conifers create rooms in her landscape.

Please note the potted hydrangeas on her terrace - the inspiration for my own potted hydrangeas.  Also note the spheres upon the table.  Will talk a bit about her spheres later.

Love how so much of her garden furniture is teak and timeless.

Moving inside now to her dining room, tablescapes, colors, and spheres.  The purple inside her cupboard here reminds me of how Darryl Carter painted one of his cupboard's inside orange - both so gutsy.  I painted one of mine an antique red - not nearly so gutsy.

Love the disparity between rugged table and fine crystal and silver.  She is a master arranger.

I believe these images are from Greet and the objects on the table are for sale at one of Walda's open-days...

whereas this table is ready for dining.  So beautiful.

Leaving the dining room now and observing her tablescapes in other rooms.  Note the spherical vase here.

The sphere in the image below is one that Walda has made from buttons.  These creations of hers are always incredibly beautiful and appear on many of her tablescapes.  Also love that old book.

More spheres here on the left bottom table corner.  They just seem to work wherever she places them.

No spheres here but lovely fabrics and colors.

Close up of above image.

Walda's tablescapes are even wonderful in one of her outside buildings.  No spheres here but a great floor and pots.

To end today, I'm adding two images of my Easter table.  Nothing as lovely as Walda's but it looked quite nice on a sunny Easter Sunday afternoon with Vietre pottery, Simon Pearce glassware and spring pansies.

 As I said above, I leave tomorrow for a few days in Virginia where it is supposed to be beautiful at this time of year.  So next post, you may be subjected to another interruption of my Walda schedule and more of my bad photos.  Keep the faith there will be lots more wonderful Walda to come - eventually.



  1. Hello dearest Billie,

    I am pleased to see you blogging again! And it is a very beautiful post about Walda! Isn't she a talented decorator. I so love her work!
    Thank you for featuring my blog here!

  2. Hi Billie, That is an enviable, magical garden. I would be very happy in any one of those 'rooms.' Your Easter table is beautiful. It actually looks very 'Belgian' to me with your linen and handblown glass. Love the eggs, too.
    Hope you've had a relaxing weekend; safe travels to Virginia.

  3. Hi Billie - Your table is lovely! I have started collecting Simon Pearce glassware and am so happy to have found glassware that I can collect for a lifetime. Walda Pairon is such an inspiration. Everything she does is magic to me too. Happy upcoming Mother's Day!


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