Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nancy and Her Daughters

Today we first view Kiery Braithwaite's wedding reception which she wanted at home; her mother, of course, made it all perfect.  The weather did not cooperate, but Nancy had planned for that eventuality.  If you read my earlier posts on Nancy, you will recognize her garage, her living room and her impeccable taste.

From July-August of 2003

"The ultimate outdoor party" referred to on the cover is Nancy's and Kiery's.  And their confident color is red.  Can you believe the image below was taken in a rented tent?  Nancy used a sheer gauzy fabric stretched across the ceiling of the tent and used white table runners on the chairs.  Brilliant.

Note the red buttons on Kiery's dress, bridesmaid's shoes, ribbon on bouquets and the plan-ahead umbrellas.

Nancy planned two tents for the reception, one in the front yard for cocktails and one in the back yard for dinner.  Below is the cocktail tent with its own beautiful touch of red on the chandelier.

Kiery and her bridesmaids with their red sweaters and Kiery's red ribbon on her white tulips.

Remember the Braithwaite garage from my previous post?  Here it is transformed with two huge wedding wreaths.  (With the chef standing nearby, the garage may have been the staging area for food prep.)

Guests' table assignments held in a grass-filled basket, and a small red heart on menus.  All so perfect.

Baskets of slippers for wet feet all sporting a red star.

Just in case of rain, Nancy purchased red umbrellas one year ahead of the wedding.  However did she guess it might rain?

How pretty is this!  The room's details are in the box to the left - red evident in the strawberry Belinis.  So cool.

Here we see Nancy's living and dining rooms transformed for the wedding.
My blog, of course, is not about wedding planning at all, but having planned one rehearsal dinner and one reception for my own children, I cannot help but be in awe of the forethought, planning, and beauty of this reception.

Onto the home of Chaffee Braithwaite, Nancy's other daughter, where mother's touch is again evident.  All images are from Cottage Living, March 2008.  While Nancy's tastes may have influenced her, Chaffee definitely seems to have her own taste too as you will read in the article.  

I've  included all the text from the article.  Nice change from my comments and more informative.  (Sorry for the see-through print here.)

Just one quick comment, five years later, Kiery is seen below with her daughter Kate and Chaffee.

Can definitely see her mother's influences.

Really like the bathroom mirror, but then I really like the whole house.

And now a few photos of b braithwaite, the store co-owned by Chafee and her mom,  as seen on LuxeCrush.com.  Chaffee and Erich below.

Photos of the shop and in the shop are by Alice Park.

How sweet is this shop, and note the lack of primary colors.  Everything is still pale and serene.

Leaving the Braithwaites and Atlanta for a bit, and considering there was only one kitchen in this post so far, I will  end as usual with images of a few other kitchens I have loved.   Love the paneling and the stain in the first kitchen...

the art and white simplicity in the second...

the art and simple cupboards in the third...

and the funky, industial-ness of the last.  Really need those seven houses just to have all my varied kitchen styles.  I see little room for comprimise here.

And lastly, a beautiful and season-appropriate still life by Jonathan Koch.  I'd like this in any of the kitchens above - well, maybe not #4.

So ends today's post which seemed a bit disjointed as I read it over, but sometimes life is disjointed.  Right?

Next time, my last Nancy Braithwaite post with more of her rooms I really love.

Till then,


  1. Wonderful Billie, as usual. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  2. I have so enjoyed your posts about Nancy Braithwaite, Billie. I do remember the Cottage Living article featuring the home of Chaffee Braithwaite, but didn't make the connection until reading your first posts about Nancy (Cottage Living was my favorite magazine--so disappointed that it's out of print). The clean lines and simple furnishings of Chaffee's home still look so current. Thanks too for the peek into the other Braithwaite daughter's wedding. The attention to detail and meticulous planning that went into that gorgeous setting is hard to fathom, but what a beautiful result.