Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Still Later Nancy Braithwaite

Many of you may have seen the House Beautiful and Veranda issues in which this later work of Nancy's appeared, but if so you should see it again.  Such beautiful work should be immortalized.  Why doesn't she write a book??  (Every other designer has.)  I'd buy it and do not think I'd be alone.
Here we go.

From November of 2000...

The article below features changes made to her home while still using most of the pieces we've seen in her earlier work.  She reuses and rearranges her things and adds a sunroom to the house.

Cute sheep history.  I'm so sorry for the center crease - her book would never have such a thing.  Remember the stone garage - it will appear in a future post about Nancy.

She had a mix of slipcovered arm chairs around a table long before Restoration Hardware did.  (I love Restoration Hardware, but how can it be as unique as Nancy if everyone has their product.)

Her new sunroom is to give one's eye teeth for.  Do you recognize her tables and wonderful bowls?

Again, apologies for the crease.

Family room now displays drawings by self-taught Alabama artist, Bill Traylor, which we have seen earlier in her living room.

Her newly remodeled kitchen - very contemporary with antique touches - stool and jugs.  Love it.

Gone is her checkered wall :(

But, a bathroom with a simply stenciled wall pattern matching the stone floor appears.  Great shutter - you know how I feel about interior shutters by this time.

Burlap has disappeared from her bed draperies but has reappeared in the bathroom's window treatment.

Checkerboard walls have disappeared, but dalmatian spots have appeared.  Again my eye teeth are in danger - that kas on the left is so, so great.

Couldn't you move right into this house??  

But wait till you see it at Christmas in the 2002 November-December issue of Veranda.  Please know, I am not trying to rush the Christmas season at all, but am trying to stay on my chronological journey.

Interesting details about her design aesthetic and work history on the right.

OMG, is this not to die for!  When I saw this room, all my children's homemade ornaments were relegated to the attic, and my quest for clear glass balls began.  Can you just imagine how wonderful this room smells - not an artificial anything to be found, just trees, apples and a roaring fire.

How cool is this room and note that the mantel is still the very one from my earliest images of her work.  Could the wall be subtle checkerboard treatment?

Just to refresh your memory on the mantel...

So, so "not-cutesy"; so, so uniquely natural.

Note the cranberries in the bowl.  I must have bought ten bags of cranberries that year trying to emulate this media room (which I had not see before).

How beautiful are her colors here.  Note the difference between her holiday decor compared to the decor on Verands's cover.  I am really in love with what she did here.  As the above caption wrote, "Subtle."

I don't know where to end here, so subtle "kitchens I have loved" came to mind.   One from Bobby McAlpine.

One from AM Atelier.

And one from John Saladino's Villa Dilemma.

All subtle in their own way.  And last but not least, I leave you with food of the season.

Next time, more Braithwaite, more current and still beautiful.


  1. Billie, thank you for a wonderul post again!!

  2. I've so been looking forward to this additional NB post. It's a restful break in my day so thank you, Billie. The subtle colors and simple patterns in Nancy Braithwaite's work are so appealing to me. Nancy is as fearless as she is talented. I've gone back to look at the Dalmation print walls a few times (but I have the good sense not to try it myself--my walls would probably look like an abstract version of cows at a dairy farm).


    1. Me too, Deborah. Checkerboard was the most daring wall I ever did. The Dalmatian wall would never work for me, but it's great in her house. She is really talented.

  3. What's not to love here! Well, not the spotted walls so much but everything else. The color palette and every furnishing and object. Thanks for sharing!

    I am inspired by the grey wicker on the porch with the tan cushions and the grey paneled walls with creamy linen modern chairs. Trying to make decorating decisions for our next smaller home. Her Christmas decorations are perfect, will remember them this year as I am getting rid of more and more each year and prefer to go to a simpler look. Would have to add some narcissus and amaryllis in my house though.

  4. Wow! NB's work has been published so many times!!! I never knew that. Billie, I might have to use your photo scans in my next blog post. Of course I will link back to you :)
    Love the spotted walls - so fresh and graphic!
    x Loi