Thursday, August 22, 2013


Yes, it seems I have had many digressions in my posts, but not today.  Today I am on target and visiting a much respected southern designer based in Atlanta - Jackye Lanham.  Her design work is very English, often very antique, and always very beautiful.

Susan Sully wrote a book entitled Charleston.  I bought it and loved it, so knew I would enjoy her newest book on southern style.  Jackye Lanham's rooms are always full of charm so let's take a look at the ones Sully chooses to include in her Houses with Charm.

Where possible, Sully's own words will explain the images below.

The owners of this home also use their entryway as a dining space when needed - such a great use of an oft neglected space.

As Sully writes above, southerners respect family traditions and include heirlooms in their decor.  The two homes I posted about earlier had this same respect.  The room below is reminiscent of the earlier libraries in Charleston and Kiawah.  All so pretty.

Don't you just love niches like this one?

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles also featured this home in July of 2012.  Below are its images which reveal further details and rooms.


Beautiful antiques displayed so well in front of the white paneled wall and oval window which even opens.

I know, I know, it's August and no one even wants to think about snow and Christmas now, but by Christmas, I will be on another topic and will have misplaced this magazine.  So, bear with me and see how nicely Lanham does Christmas.  (Did you notice this issue mentions its "showhouse tour"? Apropos of nothing,  I find show houses and decorator houses annoying.  Different designers do each room so there is no continuity, and I like continuity.  Just one of my idiosyncrasies.)  Lanham has continuity always.

I much prefer Lanham's colors below to Southern Accent's cover colors.

Love how Lanham arranges her tablescapes. 

The only time I was in Atlanta, my husband and I went to Ryan Gainey's shop and toured his garden.  A real inspiration for this gardener.

Thought you might be interested in her tips.  I was.  (Am I a shallow person?  Perhaps I should do volunteer work and not worry about tips and tablescapes.)

Onto another Southern Accents issue.  This time from Christmas 2006, it covered Jackye's home in Charleston  Even though this series is about Atlanta, I had to include Jackye's beautiful Charleston home.  Don't you love the poinsettias in the bike's basket?

And it is such a "gem".

While making trips to Charleston for a client, Atlanta-based Lanham "began to dream about finding a little pied-a-terre to call her own."

She found one and filled it with her beautiful antiques and fine taste.

Discussion of this room is atop next image.

This has always been one of the "kitchens I have loved".  It's so compact and perfect.  "Lanham made the kitchen/dining room feel less kitchenlike by choosing a sophisticated deep gray-brown paint and creating a streamlined galley kitchen on just one wall.  The open shelves show off the white ironstone pitchers and tureens Lanham collects." (It really is so fun to revisit some of my favorite homes in this blog.  My dilemma, as I've said before, is that I like so many different styles, and I have only one house.)

And I'll end today's post with another of the Lanham-designed kitchens I have loved.

Hope you liked reading this one as much as I enjoyed posting it.

Till next time onto another Atlanta designer.


  1. I love her style and think I will have to pick up the book. Southern style always looks so welcoming. I, too, love that kitchen in the last photo.

  2. Oh Billie, isn't this all gorgeous design!!!! Love love love!! That last picture of one of Jackye's kitchens I always loved!!
    It is a beautiful picture with Jackye and her dogs!!!
    I am sure that she is not only a fabulous designer but a warm-hearted person too!
    Another fabulous post! Thank you!

  3. Such gracious homes! And perfectly layered. What a treat to enjoy these beautiful homes. I miss seeing these kinds of classic homes in today's magazines. Billie, will you be featuring Dan Carithers? BTW, have you thought about adding labels to your posts? Include an index / sidebar with all the labels for readers to search your posts. For ex: Hugh Newell Jacobsen, John Saladino, English country style, etc. Yes, I remember all your posts, my friend :)

  4. Great post. I grew up in Atlanta, and there's something about classically Southern homes -- they're so pretty and comfortable. It's not completely my taste now, but beautiful. - Sarah (

  5. Just found your blog and perfect timing ...never too early for holiday prep. and those Southern Accents magazines how I miss them. I joined a couple of your pinterest boards as well.