Sunday, August 4, 2013

And Then There's Kiawah 

I have never been to Kiawah island, but think I would like to visit just to view the homes there.  If they are like the one we visit here today, it must be a very beautiful place indeed.  Off the coast of South Carolina, it is where some city residents frequently flee to escape the heat. The images below are from a copy of Traditional Home sent to me by the Charleston home owner of my last post.

And I did so enjoy it.  Many of her Kiawah rooms are reminiscent of her oh-so-beautiful Charleston home.  The same creative hand is evident in both.

If you cannot read the small print, it explains that the owners worked with Mitch Laplante in designing this home, but the door surround was a combined effort.  Notice how similar it is to their Charleston home.

Sorry to cut it off, but now you can see the most beautiful door and hardware.

Small print on the right reads, "Library based on a previous room in a previous Peters home."  Could it be the Charleston home 40 miles away?  Notice the keystone molding at the top of the bookcase and notice the black lamp shades, the porcelain, the leather books, the art.

And tablescapes so similar to the Charleston ones too.  I love the drapery-less window in this home.

Living room.

The paintings and their placement also reveal the tasteful hand that created the Charleston home.

The husband's study.  Love the paisley throw on beautiful leather chair.

This home, like their Charleston home, shows a real reverence for the past.  Antique carpets here are beautiful and were only present on the second floor of their city home.

Windows without curtains capture the island views.  And again the repetition of black shades for the continuity the owner loves.

No brick floors in this kitchen but still so lovely.

Pinky also sent  this image of the second home they built on the island.  There are no interior pictures here, but we know it would be just as lovely as the other homes designed by this creative woman.  She was so kind to share so much of herself with such a stranger, but a very appreciative stranger and now we are "new best friends".

To end, just  some random images of elements I loved in Charleston - all showing the reverence southerners have for their homes, their city and their past.

The architecture.

The ironwork with peeps of old brick and greenery.

The gaslights.  (Could we ever do this in colder climates or would they freeze? I love these lights so much.)

The interior shutters which prevent peepers like me peeping.

The antiquity of the city and Charleston-ians appreciation of it.

And the gardens.

Oh, the gardens. 


Gaslights and gardens together.
It was all wonderful.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Next time, somewhere else in the south, and I think now it will be Atlanta.  Stay tuned.

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  1. From the verandas to the handsome moldings to the tall windows, this home is beyond beautiful! And so gracious!! Everything is exquisitely and thoughtfully curated. Many thanks to you and Pinky for sharing ~