Thursday, May 2, 2013

Still Saladino

Excuse my inconsistency lately.  Haven't posted in about a month - blame it on spring.  It sprung in upstate New York, and the birds, the sun, my gardens all beckoned to me and I couldn't resist.  Now, to get back to John Saladino and coziness, I have two more homes that prove a "cozy Saladino" is not an oxymoron.

Images of the following Saladino-designed home are the reason I kept this House Beautiful from May, 1991.  Because it is an updating of  an older home, rather than a completely new one, it has similarities to the home in the last post found in Litchfield.

Again, this home is in New England, and, in this view, the addition can clearly be seen.  Love all the stone work in landscaping and addition.

Mudroom - so necessary in New England.

Front view very reminiscent of the front view from last post's home and very New England.

View from rear of the house.

Pardon the crease.  This room is so different from today's style with its dark walls and unpainted woodwork, and, crease or no crease, it had to be included. Clearer image to come.

See - clearer!  Distinctive Saladino trademark - the mix of antiques with contemporary.

I love this sitting room - shutters instead of curtains and the mottled walls that look a bit like Saladino's "scratch" coat used in many of his new rooms.

The leather sofa and chair from 1991 could fit right into Restoration Hardware today.  Saladino, definitely an icon.

New addition with view of the stream from earlier.  How about that beam!  Bet this is where the family spends most of their time.  Looks like a linen swag on the window to the left - again so ahead of his time or just timeless.  And cozy, right?  The wood, the antiques, the plants, the beams all make it so.

And, of course, the massive fireplace wall.

The other side of fireplace wall works perfectly in the kitchen.

More shutters and mottled walls in upstairs guest room.

So what do you think?  Doesn't John Saladino have quite a few cozy bones in his body?  

Even when working on a new home in the Hamptons, he never forgets his classical training. This next design appeared in the February/March 1992 issue of Vogue Decoration.  It has several other great articles, but I'm sticking to today's topic.

How great is this!!  A new house in a shaker style in Amagansett.  It sounds like something Newell Jacobsen would do, but it is strictly John Saladino style.

Beams and bricks take on a whole different flavor int this home.  Very contemporary foyer with antiques blending old with the new.

Beams and long dining table similar to house above.

Doesn't the living room below remind you a bit of his Villa Dilemma?   Love, love, love it.
Upstairs guest room.

Bath and dressing rooms.

First floor bedroom.

Same house but different views was featured in this September issue of House Beautiful.  Let's take a look.

I'll let the images and captions do the talking.

Better view of kitchen and eating area.

Love the modern art work with antique table and bowl.

First floor bedroom.

More mix of old and new in dining room.  Cozy?

When Saladino does old (as in today's first images), he adds modern.  When he does new, he adds antiques, beams, shingles and brick.  Does it result in cozy?  You must know by now that I think it does.  He uses the perfect touch, never cloyingly sweet, never cold and stark but rather...just perfect.

More Saladino houses next time.  I organized all my magazines featuring him in one pile, so before putting these issues away, I'll add at least another John Saladino post.

Apropos of nothing or just apropos of spring, while perusing these old issues, I came across two lovely images of white hydrangeas in pots and decided to end with them.  I actually grow this hydrangea in my garden, and it turns the softest shade of blue-pink in the autumn.  I grow blue hydrangeas everywhere and in pots next to teak benches, but the deer are deciding they like hydrangeas.  To discourage their rampages, yesterday I discreetly hung two bars of Irish Spring soap on two bushes. This morning one bar was eaten.  Arghhh.

Till next time, happy spring.


  1. Dear Billie,
    I am so glad you kept all these older magazines!! Thanks to you we are able to see the most beautiful houses! Oh dear Saladino is a master isn't it?!!
    Even they were built some years ago, the houses remain just beautiful!! Timeless!!
    Thank you so much for sharing! Your posts always inspire me!
    Have a great weekend Billie!

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