Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Warm and Cozy in the Hudson River Valley; Warm in Ojai, California

It is 10 degrees in my part of New York state today, so "warm and cozy" is definitely on my mind.  For years I have saved two magazines showing the same house, seemingly the the very definition of warm and cozy.  After scanning all the images of this house for you, I googled the owners' name and found the family living in an Ojai, California home in 2004, so I added these images also.  Come join me as we view both homes and their locations, and decide if both homes have warm and cozy elements.

Don't let the July, 1993 date delude you; the home exudes warm and coziness when readers would think the issue would be full of only "beachiness".

See.  (Don't you love the red paisley throw on the sleigh bed?) Cozy , right?

Right side of room with beautiful books and an antique painting.

And the requisite blazing fireplace. 

The study with a hanging tapestry, a find of the owner.

Dining room with more antiques and a painting I love.

Dining room close up.

Primitive armoire holding china, linen and cocktails.  And another antique painting.

That I love the kitchen is no surprise.  Yellow ware seems to be a particular favorite of the owners, but the cat seems unsure.

Master bedroom with its own roaring fire.

Bedroom and master bath details.

Note the touches of black throughout the house, acting like a unifying cord.

Guest bedroom.

Attractive owners of the house and collectors of antiques - Carol Gramm and Jack Bunce, both one-time models who met on a shoot.

Jumping ahead to November, 1994, we find the same home in Martha Stewart Living.

The same dining room as above but now in its Thanksgiving finery.  Love how the owners actually use their yellow ware.

Lorraine Bunce, Carolina's mother-in-law helps prepare sweet potatoes,

while Carolina bastes the turkey.  Even now days after Thanksgiving and Christmas, this fare looks so delicious - especially in 10 degree weather.

Cat still a fixture, warm fireplace, and lovely cheese tray all speak to a cozy holiday.

Glimpse into sitting room from dining room.

Another view of dining room in Thanksgiving finery.  Natural, simple and beautiful.

Host, Jack Bunce, and his guests.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Glimpse of a youngish Martha, and cranberry-filled pears.

Dessert table.

Carolina - chef, antique collector, decorator - rests after her job well done.  Note that Jack will do all the clean up before morning - a tradition that needs to be followed by all families, especially mine.
Don't you agree the Bunce home illustrates many elements that make up warm and cozy: fireplaces all aglow, a touch of red in paisley throws and tapestries, library with leather books, carefully chosen antiques, a kitchen bursting with holiday cheer.

Now let's view the Bunce family after their move to Ojai, California.  The following images were taken from the September 2004 issue of Martha Stewart Decorating.  During the time between the Thanksgiving above and the move to Ojai, Carolina founded her own design firm, Gramm Design.

Still the great yellow ware collection.

Still the pretty table scapes.

Still a great kitchen and antique oriental rug. 

Several of the paintings from the Hudson River Valley house.  Clementines now adorn the table replacing pumpkins.

Wooden floors replaced now with tile ones.  (Has the dog replaced the cats I wonder?)

Ah, still the antique daybed, painting, and a fireplace aglow.  Is that a clementine tree I spy?

Antique bed?  Antique chair and tile floor.

A very California and inviting exterior.

A 2004 picture of the Bunce family now including their 8-year-old son, Graham outside their Ojai home.  (All these articles may be found on Carolina's website,

What do we think?  Can warm and cozy be transferred from a home on one chilly coast to a home on a warm one?  I'd be interested in your opinion, and I will tell you mine in the next post.  Till then, stay warm.  
From a very nippy 10 degree,


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  3. Hi, Billie ~ Beautiful homes!! (My first reaction: so young and such taste.) They are filled with antiques but feel fresh and current. I want that entire yellow ware collection. Don't you think I need another collection? :) Well done on the research.

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