Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kelly Klein in the Hamptons (and Elsewhere)

One of my sons keeps telling me I have to get out of the Hamptons because summer is so over.  Frequently, I remind him this blog is not meant to be seasonal, though it may be someday; rather it is meant to mirror my journey through interior design from its inception until today.  The images I choose reflect my changes in taste; they do not reflect the seasons. (If he doesn't like it, I continue to remind son #2 he can write his own blog!!) Come with me today as we revisit Kelly Klein way back in 1992 with Calvin in the Hamptons.  Then we'll follow her to 2008 in NYC and to today in Palm Beach with her son Lukas.  I've admired her style wherever she has been.

 1992's Vogue Decoration,

and the very happy and talented couple. 

In the Hamptons, zoning laws often restrict the building of new homes, but older ones can be torn down, and an entirely new house could "fit within the old house while respecting the laws governing modifications and additions."  A tough assignment!  Thierry Despont rose to the challenge and designed the house below for Kelly and Calvin.
Thierry Despont Architects
"A wide porch runs around the house entirely and links the structures together."
Thierry Despont Architects
Returning to the Vogue Decoration article, we see the shorefront boat house on the pond where Kelly and Calvin canoed.

Simple pleasures of the summer house.

But inside the main house are these clean, uncluttered beautiful spaces accented with Georgia O'Keeffe paintings and glimpses of the unifying porch.

A view of the sea through the French doors.  Isn't the home reminiscent of Atelier AM design or is it just me? (If you don't own Atelier AM's new book, it's a must.  More about their design in the furture.)  

View from living room through to the dining room.  I always loved all the white, cotton slipcovers mixed with antiques and dark floors.  Very today.  All the old floor boards were found in Vermont and Maine.

Favorite items gathered on coffee table.

Roman sculpture and sunflowers atop a Japanese tea table.  Perfect.

Another painting by Georgia O"Keeffe.

Like the rest of the house, the bedroom is all white.

View from the bedroom to the porch to the ocean.

Calvin's bathroom with English tub and seascape through windows,

Kelly's dressing table with portrait of Calvin.
I always loved this house, its shingles, its whiteness, and its spare beauty.  Quite a departure from the 1974 home I first posted about in January, but my tastes were changing slightly, as it seems Kelly's were not.  Let's take a look at her New York apartment as it appeared in October, 2008 in Town and Country's special home issue.

In her apartment which she has had for 25 years, she appears with her son, Lukas.  How cute are those toes??

Love the living room's "cool, crisply tailored" look.  This time the slipcovers are not cotton, but Belgian  linen, and the Roman sculpture appears to be female instead of the male version in the Hamptons.  She returned to this apartment after her separation from Calvin.

Foyer lined with images of horses by Steven Klein.  Dark floors similar to those in the beach house.  The sculpture at the end appears to be another Roman antique.  (I think I may need some Roman sculptures.  Should have thought of that when in Italy instead of boots and cashmere.)

A made-to-order steel case to hold firewood.  Photos are from her rotating collection.  Many of her picture frames are black with white matting adding great unity to the apartment.

Antique armoire holding more photos and books.

Very spare and beautiful dining room with a concrete table and Joseph Hoffman chairs.

Loft style master bed room.

Master bed with Olatz linens.

Lukas's room.

View of Kelly in living room.

Other half of double-paged image from above.  Even her foot looks elegant and love the pot next to the sofa.

So chic in her jeans and bare feet.

How to be as chic?  At the end of the article, Kelly lists some of her favorite products and stores.

 A sampling of items from her recommended stores and websites.  From Olatz, this Italian linen tablecloth.

Takashimaya unfortunately closed in NYC, but these images were fortunately taken before it did.

I've never been to the Hamptons, but when I do go, I'm hotfooting it to Bloom immediately.  I know I would love it.

Love everything on the table below and especially the table itself.

Fast forwarding to today, let's take a peek into Kelly's home in Palm Beach.  Look how big Lukas has grown.

Love her kitchen, of course.  The open shelving, the stainless hood and refrigerator, the stools, the branches in the clear vase, the spareness - everything.

And it looks right out to the water and over the pool.

Pool with disappearing edges.

Master bedroom with linen accessories.

Kelly Klein has such great taste - guess that's how she came to work for both Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.  What do you think, my friends?  Do you love all her homes, like me?  Or do you have a favorite?  And to which of her favorite stores would you beat a path?

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  1. Hi, Billie - I've had a crush on K.K. for a long time! Not only is she beautiful and chic, she is a talented photographer. Thanks for sharing her homes....some of these I've not seen. Enjoyed them all.
    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Billie, As beautiful as the Hamptons house and New York apartment are, I love the Palm Beach house - clean, uncluttered, and how it just opens to the outdoors. I could move right in.
    Have a very happy day today!