Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still Hearing the Sirens' Song of the Hamptons

But I am a bit distracted because of multi-tasking - something against which I always warned my students.  You see, being from upstate New York, I am a huge Buffalo Bills fan, and it is difficult to be a Bills fan.  They break your heart.  Listening to their game now against the Arizona Cardinals, they were winning, but no longer.  I'm typing this post with my fingers, but have both ears attuned to the game, and Arizona just got another first down.  Drat!!

Today, I am going back to 1990 and continuing on to the present.  I must apologize for the condition of some of my images.  One of the magazines had some water damage, but still deserved keeping, and many of the others had images on both sides of a page which means you see a crease down the center.  But, undaunted like my Bills, I continue onward.

From the August 1990, House and Gardens, let's look at a rejuvenated Victorian cottage designed by Anthony Baratta and William Diamond.  Lots of blue and white in the foyer.  You just never see braided rugs anymore which might not be a bad thing.

More white and blue and the first of my omnipresent creases.  Sorry.  I love the paneling in this room, the great bowl atop the table, and remain an ardent fan of windsor chairs.  Not sure about the blue braided rug here - would show every dropped morsel.

Remember the blue and white in the Something's Gotta Give house?  Guess Hampton beach houses feel that is de rigueur because here it is again.  And more braid.

There's something I always really liked about this kitchen - perhaps the absence of vibrant blue, perhaps it's the spotted flooring which hides so many crumbs or is it the red checked cloth on the table?  Whatever -  it would be a great kitchen in which to enjoy lobster and corn on the cob.

(By the way, the Bills got another first down in the second half.)  Moving onwards to Dick Cavett's home in the Hamptons (sadly, it is the water damaged magazine).  Anyone remember Cavett from the Tonight Show?  He wrote for the show and appeared often as a guest host for Johnny Carson, and has a really great Montauk house to escape to in the summer.  Pretty nice view, huh?

Dick Cavett and friends and always books.

Screen between the living room and staircase showing my wrinkles.  (Bills are winning 16 - 13 but lots of time left.)

If not wrinkles, creases.  I'm sorry that such a pretty English-feeling living room is blurred by them.  Try to ignore the flaws.  (Cardinals just intercepted the ball; I could cry.)

My friend, Greet, just did a posting about red kitchens as have several recent magazines.  They are very inviting like the Cavett's in Montauk.

A wrinkled, but pretty, dining room.  I love the way ladder back chairs look, but have seldom sat in a comfortable one.  Have you?

Guest bedrooms.

Master bedroom.

Now, to a 2001 Architectural Digest and the Southampton home Naomi Leff renovated for Neil Hirsch.

Even my creases cannot diminish this lovely living room.  (Arizona just tied the game.  C'mon Bills.)  So happy to see some neutral colors - serenity again.

Fireplace side of living room.

Dining room containing two 1846 portraits, part of Hirsch's large antique collection.  (Arizona just missed a field goal attempt.  Now it's overtime.  Bills have won the toss - a real squeaker of a game.)

Breakfast room, once an office. Love that tilt-top table.

Family room.

Guest bedroom.

Master bedroom below contains some of Hirsch's most important pieces.

Now to the Tom Sheerer home in East Hampton which appeared in a recent House Beautiful and on their website.  More contemporary colors appear in the dining room but still antiques abound.

Other side of dining room.

Dining room as seen from living room.

Living room with blues and a rug reminiscent of  Something's Gotta Give.  Not a braided rug in sight.
Not a braided rug in sight,

(Buffalo just intercepted the ball and are at the five-yard line.  Keep your fingers crossed.)  Entry below.

Library.  (Buffalo won!!!!   Every team in the Eastern division is now 3 and 3, because New England lost to the Seahawks.  Oh happy day! )

Kitchen, of course.

Because the house overlooks Duck Pond, images of ducks adorn the staircase walls.

Bathroom whose walls remind us of the kitchen floor from the first home above.  "Everything old does sometimes become new again."

A very pink guest room.

Master bedroom.  Love the beams in much of the house.

And now to one of my autumnal Gourmets.  It is autumn after all, and Gourmet always did it so well.

I know it contains another crease, but this dining area is so luxurious and had to be included in its entirety.

Potato puree with potato crisps and Shitake Ragout.

Five-Spiced Roasted Guinea Hen, Steamed Broccoli Rabe, and Lemon Barley Spring Rolls.  Note how fitting the china is here.  Nothing clashes in Gourmet, ever.

Pistachio Praline Dacquoise _ "oh my!"

On these delicious notes, I end this post.  (And my Bills won!)  Hope you enjoyed these views of the Hamptons and stay tuned for more.  The best may be yet to come.
Till then,


  1. Hi Billie, The last house is my favorite - I just love the wood beams. And the kitchen is great. The subway tiles to the ceiling remind me of my grandmother's house.

  2. Hi, Billie -
    Love the Neil Hirsch house! A bit formal, but gorgeous antiques and charming folk art. I love the neutral rooms, but surprisingly my favorite is the wooden paneled breakfast room. Cozy and warm....not heavy at all. What's up with those braided rugs? :)

  3. I am so jealous that you saved your Gourmets. Oh how I loved that magazine. But in our last move I got rid of my collection. And I love that red kitchen. Thanks for sharing all these great homes!