Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Diverse Pinterest Boards (Brief Nantucket Detour)

Family just left this morning after a very fun visit, and I am leaving for another family visit Friday, so am rushing this post a bit.  Instead of continuing my love affair with Nantucket, today I'm revisiting my Pinterest boards - thought it might be quicker and easier in my short span of time.  While deciding which pins to use, I rediscovered how very different they are, but still how much I very much like each one of them.  How can such diverse taste exist in one person?  Let's look at a small sampling.

This kitchen for example - so many things are just "not me" here.  First of all, it doesn't really look like anyone cooks in it.  Secondly, I really do not like any "messages" on walls.  Why do people feel that their philosophical or witty sayings look good on a wall?  And can't they remember them without displaying them?  Just my opinion, of course.  But with that said, why then do I like this kitchen because it does have a sign?  Let me count the ways: the brick walls, the clean lines of the island and table.  I think I like the pendants over the island - they are growing on me, and I love the black accents.

Again the room below is so not me.  Too white, too spare.  But something speaks to me here - maybe its serenity, or the envy-factor that I could never keep a room quite this perfect.

More of the room from above.  Really like the black accents here, and would love the window with white shutters.  Very Jacobsen, but it's not his design.  Do you like it?  Could you live with this room?

There's things I really love about the next room - the colors, those bowls, the wall treatment, and the reclaimed wood floors.  But could I live in it?  Not sure.  Still, I pinned it.

The dining space below is a Vervoordt design and I love it, but, of course, my dining room and breakfast room look nothing like this.  Could they ever?  Maybe.  Did I pin it?  Of course, it's beautiful.

Then there's the New-England-American-antique look I love as seen in my next group of pins.  How very different from the earlier images, right?  I know, I know.  Therein lies my problem.

Below we do not see spare, not all white, not serene, but we do see welcoming.

Love the molding, the paneled shutters, and the paned window here.  So different from first images, but so lovely.

Can you imagine this great corner cupboard in any of the first pins from above?  Of course not, but I love it and pinned it anyway.

A built-in corner cupboard this time.  So different from Vervoordt's design, but so period, so American antique.

A white room as in first group of pins, but filled this time with only antiques

More paneling, more antiques, less white.

Now not American antiques, but English ones.  So not-spare, so not-serene, but so comfortable.

Now, not even all antiques, but beauty and coziness.

More white than above, and antiques are at home here.

Now, I'm showing you my funky and industrial pins.  A far cry from the New England style or the spare style above, but I really like it - industrial shelving, exposed brick, lots of plain white china.  So cool!

Everything is to like in kitchen below - white china, black boards with recipes (not philosophies I hope), wood floors surrounded by white walls and ceilings.  And someone surely cooks in this kitchen.

So then, why did I pin the next image?  Looks pretty sterile, but the concrete island is great, and I love the hanging lights above it.  How could two so diverse kitchens be pinned by the same person?

Getting more industrial and spare.

I absolutely love the antique chair below paired with the table of reclaimed wood and metal - a great look.

Herein, with the images below, I thought may lie my compromise.  Darryl Carter beautifully blends antiques with white walls and no clutter at all.

Can't wait for his new book in October.

But then, here is Walda Pairon and her beautiful Belgian style and a bit more clutter and I love, love, love it too.

More billowy fabric on a table than I ever thought I would like, but look how elegant and beautiful it is.

No shutters on her windows, but again the room below is so beautiful.  I could live in this one.

You see, my pins are all over the place.  Are yours?  Any suggestions?  I so envy the people out there who stick to one design aesthetic.  I just like too many and too varied.  If it's done well, I pin it.  What to do?  What to do?

I'm taking a break while on vacation - no computer.  I will take my ipad, but reception could be terrible.
I'll just let the dust settle and see you next time, dear reader and friends, back in Nantucket.


  1. Billie - I'm so glad you are on Pinterest. I find it useful, social and inspiring. You've selected lovely images. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Hi Billie,
    I like, and pin, from different decorating styles as well and for me it comes down to colors and textures. Those are the things in interiors that appeal regardless of the style.
    Have a safe trip!

  3. Yes Billie, me too I am glad you are on Pinterest! Love all the images you posted today! As you said, sometimes not me, but I love the white and clean rooms too!
    I just love the design of Darryl Carter! And Walda, she has always been one of my favorite Belgian decorators!
    Enjoy your break!!!!