Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Early Inspiration

These pictures from a 1974 issue of American Home, a magazine no longer in
publication, served as some inspiration for the house my husband and I built in
the early 1980's.  Though I wanted an old house, George said, "You never finish
with an old house.  I'll build you a new house that looks old," and he did. I loved
this house the moment I saw it, and seeing it again brings back lots of memories.
My husband grumbled that he was building a  house from pictures - an exaggeration
considering we had architect plans in our hot little hands.  But, much of the interior
design of this house inspired the interior design in our own.  Looking at it now,
warm feelings flood back - the Maine location, the beautiful antiques, the coziness,
and of course the food images.  How much do you love that fireplace!!

OK, I hate the avocado green appliances and red counters, but love the hooked rug in front of the sink, the tea caddies on the shelf, cups of tea and rose geranium on the table, and antique basket on the floor.  We must take the good with the bad, and it does look like cooking occurs in this kitchen.

In the images of this home's living room and dining area, I've always loved the large window in front of the table, the comfortable sofa and, again, the antique accessories on the tables.

Moving to the upstairs (where no cooking occurs, but charm abounds), the fireplace in the master bedroom is a treat, the highboy is to die for, and the canopied bed and its linens are so appropriate.  Also love the oriental rugs, but I now would also love a large seagrass rug under the orientals.  Am so conflicted sometimes in how to integrate my old taste with the new.  Originally, we had the same trim color in this bedroom in our living and dining room.  Now, the trim is all white.  The attic access door looks just like ours, but, of course, ours is white.  About the guest room - I am so over quilts.


  1. Billie,
    I exactly can understand why you love this house!! It is a most charming home! The fire place is amazing! So far as I know you (through emailing)I can feel this is a home for a person as you!
    Talk to you soon!

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