Thursday, September 1, 2016

Spare and Antique

Oxymorons?  I hope not because both these aesthetics are dear to my decorating sensibilities.  After perusing today's post, let me know if you think both might co-exist happily.

First, the summer home of Lisa Jackson as seen in Veranda.  Have not been able to forget these images especially when summer comes around - the whiteness, the simplicity, the beauty.

Really love the artwork in these rooms.

Note the lack of draperies below.  Love that.

Beautiful home any time of the year, right?  Love the circular architecture (housing the office) behind the trees.  Could happily live here any season.

Now take a look at the home of antique dealer, Gloria Oviatt.  I first saw this home on Joni Webb's Cote de Texas blog and fell in love with it too - her careful editing of antiques, her white rooms, and spare furnishings.
See, it's spare but with very carefully chosen antiques.  And with shutters instead of draperies.  So good.

I'll grant you that the furniture does not look quite as comfy as Jackson's but I love the room's spareness and not "overdone-ness".

Kitchen's small but oh those wooden bowls so carefully chosen, like a Nancy Braithwaite bowl.

Notice how many images of the kitchens I've included.  So love her kitchen.

Next to what looks like a newer addition with more contemporary sofas but still great antiques

Spare dining area but with fewer chairs than Lisa's...
but with the same whiteness, beauty, and simplicity.

In these last two rooms, did you note she had the fireplace mantels and surrounds without the actual fireplace?  I did.

More wonderful bowls.

Snug office.  Lisa's office is larger but both have a place to "blog" if ever they are so inclined.

So what do you think?  Do you still think "spare" and "antique" are oxymorons?  Don't you think Lisa's spare home has qualities of Gloria's antique one and vice versa?  Could they co-exist happily?  Wait till my next post when we look at Karin Blake's homes and taste.  I'll convince you.

Stay cool, and don't think about autumn yet,


  1. A few years ago, I was fortunate to visit Gloria's home. It was like walking inside a white cloud, punctuated by her beautiful antiques. And to think that this magical space started as a 1980s ranch is amazing.

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